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Brisweigh is an Australian private Company established in 1993. Brisweigh is a Company that manufactures its own weighing products, hence selling to local scale businesses. Our team of professionals includes design engineers, customer and technical support representatives.


Brisweigh is an independent consultant, supplier, manufacturer and licensed repairer of weighing and measurement products. Our independent status enables us to use our skills and expertise in providing solutions to all of our customers in the most efficient and cost-effective products and service.


Additionally, Brisweigh has the ability to customize a wide range of products so that, no matter what the application we can find a weighing solution to suit.


In 2016, Brisweigh joined the Precia Molen team, forming Precia Molen Australia PTY LTD.  This joint venture combines the products and expertise of Brisweigh with the vast product offerings, cutting-edge technology and worldwide leadership of Precia Molen, bringing a combined presence of well over 100 years in the weighing industry.


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