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Precia Molen Australia has the biggest range of weighing equipments in Australia: weighbridge, belt scale, belt feeder, onboard weighing, lab scale, silo weighing, hopper scale, Ex scale, IECEX scale, checkweigher, industrial weighing scales... Brisweigh also provides a range of services as scale repair and scale calibration.


A company wholy-owned by Precia Molen Group

Precia Molen Australia is a company that manufactures its own weighing products, hence selling to local scale businesses and exporting to the USA and Europe. Our team of professionals includes design engineers and customer and technical support representatives.

Producing in Australia, an audacious strategy PRECIA MOLEN is one of the rare weighing players to manufacture in Australia.

The quality of our expertise, our consistent research and development and our ability to meet the requirements of our customers place PRECIA MOLEN as a world leader in the weighing industry.

Today, our design and engineering teams continue to build on more than 50 years of expertise while maintaining the basic PRECIA MOLEN philosophy of innovation and reliability, development and sustainability.

We listen to our customers’ needs.

As their businesses develop and requirements change, so we design and deliver new products to meet the challenges presented to us. This is a business synergy we strive to maintain and enhance.