Bagging Filling System

Powder Scales - Free flowing material Scales

Bagging range from 10 kg to 1250 kg 

The Bag Filling systems is designed to fill free flowing products like cereals, seeds, sugar...etc and non-free flowing products like powders, flakes, soap noodles...etc in various process industries in order to ensure the accurate filling and also to increase the productivity by reducing the manpower.


- Electronic Net/Gross weighing System 

- Available for Small / Jumbo bag     

- Filling accuracy around 0.15–0.2% of FS   

- Auto-Manual Operation  

- 3 Speed Filling  

- Auto inflight compensation (pre-act facility)  

- Safety interlocks  

- Increased operator convenience & safety   

- High end bagging controller with built-in counter & totalizer  

- Gravity feeder, Screw feeder, Belt feeders selected based on material flow ability  

- Weigh hopper supported on 3 load cells  

- Pneumatically operated bag clamping  

- Available for safe & hazardous area

Bagging Controller
  • Freely Programmable Filling Controller  

  • Built-in software directory  

  • High Internal Resolution 1:10,000,00  

  • LCD Graphical Display  

  • Built-in counter & totalizer  

  • Freely programmable IO’s  

  • USB Key for Data Storage  

  • Serial Port connectivity for Printers  

  • Filed bus connectivity for PLC/DCS

Feeding Mechanism

Feeding mechanism will be selected based on the flowability of products.  

  • Pneumatically Operated Twin Sector Gate is used for free flowing products like Grains, Seeds, Sugar...etc 

  • VFD Operated Screw/Belt/RAL Feeder for non-free flowing materials like powder, Flakes...etc

Small Bag Filling System

The complete system is consisting of Pneumatically operated feeding mechanism, weigh hopper supported on load cells, discharge chute with bag clamping arrangement, conveyor below the bagging machine with Stitching / Sealing arrangements to transfer the bag. The Programmable bagging controller is housed in the wall mounted panel with auto/manual push button station.

Jumbo Bag Filling System

The complete system consists of Pneumatically operated Feeding mechanism with 3 speed filling-Coarse, Fine and Super Fine control, Load cells with Hooks suspended on a Frame Structure, Bag Raising & Lowering facility for unloading the bag as well as helps to settle down the product while filling, Conveyor below the Bagging Machine to transfer the Filled Bags on Pallet.
The Programmable bagging controller is housed in the wall mounted panel with auto/manual push button station.

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