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Our wide range of continuous weighing scales are designed for belt conveyors from 400 mm to over 2.40 m wide bulk particle sizes, up to 500 mm at a speed from 0.3 to over 5 m/s, allowing to calculate flow rates reaching 12 000 t/h and more.


In addition, our weight belts and weigh belt conveyors meet your specific applications such as automatic loading, food processes or tight circuits for powder-based products.


Trade for use is possible as per NMI R50 using the I 410 BS indicator.


The operating accuracy for a weighing scale is +/- 0.25 % of the flow, depending on the weighing infrastructure chosen, technical constraints of the installation and different conditions of use.


Upon your request, we can also offer a special paint, Stainless steel 304 L / 316 L, hot galvanization, tailor-made scales, IECEX, adjustable stations, machined rollers.


Modular Belt scale

The MBW Belt Weigher scale can be easily fitted on any stringer conveyor by using one of the existing idler stations. It has particularly designed for bulk weighing, flow measurement and day production totalling during extraction, processing, prestorage phases, etc.
This product is adapted to all activity sectors using belt conveyors:
– extraction industry (minerals, aggregates, coal…),
– mineral industry (phosphate, fertilizers, cement…),
– agri-business (cereals, bagasse, sugar…),
– chemical industry (salts, PVC, washing powders…),
– wood industry,
– bio-mass,
– recycling,
– crushing,

The MBW belt weigher scale is made up of oven-painted steel with RAL5012 thermo-hardening powder paint granting perfect protection
against environmental induced aggressions. It is also available in 304L or 316L stainless steel version.

The MBW belt weigher is mainly made up of:


– 2 load cell blocks  designed for continuous weighing each fitted with an IP68 stainless steel strain gauge load cell.
These blocks include shock absorbers in case of large particle sizes and an overload mechanical stop, as well as a cunning idler station alignment device.
– 2 section-adapted metal cross-bars (2) to connect the load cell blocks to the conveyor.
– 2 fastening spikes (3) to fasten the various types of idler station onto the scale.


Single station belt scale

The Single station Belt Weigher FX is a weighing frame with a single idler station utilised in integrating belt scales designed for production weighing applications, comprising:

  • two adjustable height weighing units with integral load cells

  • a single idler station with special rollers for extremely low build-in height

This new technology has enabled the design of a compact assembly with separate adjusting systems for height and trough angle to accommodate the belt conveyor.

The compact assembly facilitates quick and easy installation using standard tools.

  • Suitable for 400 to 1,800 mm wide belt conveyors, conveyor speed ≤ 2 m/s

  • Maximum throughput: 2,000 t/h for all commodity types.

  • Accuracy: ± 0,5 to 1 %


Multi station Belt weigher

The Multi station Belt weigher TAB is a weighing frame comprising 2 or 3 idler stations utilised in integrating belt scales. They are suitable for process applications where high accuracy is required (weighing for trade purposes, class 1 – production control of low density commodities with a relatively low throughout.


  • one supporting frame with 4 columns, each with an integral load cell

  • one weighing table with 2 or 3 idler stations

Suitable for 400 to 2,000 mm wide belt conveyors, speed: ≤ 2 m/s.
Maximum throughput: 6,000 t/h for all commodity types.
Accuracy: ± 0,2 to ± 0,5 %.

Speed roller

Speed sensor for belt scale

Speed roller

General presentation:

  • Roller with integrated sensor, driven by friction under the carrying strand of the belt

  • Easy assembly to replace a station roller for 89 mm diameter and length between 180 mm and 300 mm. Provide a specific support with mounting/adaptation between two stations for a different diameter or length

  • Outside diameter 105 mm

  • 20/14 Hinge pin

  • Adaptation to the station by adjustment of the stop

  • Anti-slip coating

  • 2-wire cell

  • Connection screwed onto plug-in connector

Speed sensor function:

  • Outputs two pulses per turn, by integrated inductive sensor (2 wires)

Rotation control function:

  • Outputs two pulses per turn, by integrated inductive sensor (2 wires)

  • Additive electronic module:

    • Dimensions 50 x 50 x 18 mm click fit onto DIN rail

    • Power supply 12 to 30 volts DC

    • Self-calibration

    • “Conveyor running” output on isolated static relay

    • 4/20 mA mA Analogue output : image of the measurement speed

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