Quarry and mining

Brisweigh provides an extensive range of products and services for the Quarry and Mining sectors. This includes a range of products that monitor production and track and trace the mine or quarry vehicles.

Using 18 years of research and development with many types of equipment, VEI installs weighing instruments in a vast range of the industrial sector. These include: earthmoving, concrete, scrap yards, recycling, quarrying, mining, metalworking, landscaping, ceramics industry and waste collection.

During these years, VEI has succeeded in improving and refining these applications as a result of fulfilling our customers' requirements. VEI makes these systems available to national and international markets. VEI's success lies in the simplicity of its concept. The solution is via the software, where it is able to be used in all of the above applications.

Production control and monitoring are key issues in quarry and mine sites. How can the site work be estimated, if the transport loads are not weighed? It is a proven fact that the machines wear and tear is affected by overloads, such as the tyres, transmission, body and motor. It is also very important to know beforehand the cost per ton transported, and this is obtainable with the VEI On Board Weighing units.

Grapple Application

The Grapple weigher is an excavator machine that uses a grapple or bucket attachment to load, for example, rocks in a quarry, or sand from a ship. The Grapple weighing device is very accurate. The device is also protected when stamping with the grapple attachment has to be done. Also, the device can be used as a "safety lift", because can indicate for you the weight before you start swinging. Before your safety becomes an issue, you can equip your machine with a VEI Grapple weighing device and make your machine more intelligent and safe.

Loader Application

The software compensates for the difference of pressure existing in the lifting pistons, at different speeds and likewise during movements on rough terrain. Installations and performances world-wide have a proven reliability and consistency, together with the simple use of operation. VEI also has many international "legal for trade" approvals, including NSC (Australia).

ADT and Dumper Application

The technology applied to articulated and rigid mining trucks as the combination of pressure and force sensors. This takes the guess work out of loads and the truck can be loaded in compliance with its normal capacity. This application can be completed with approximately 5 to 6 hours of truck downtime.

LHD Application

The most common application for LHD's is underground. The common denominator is how cost effective and which ore pass should be used for unloading. Despite its restricted space, the LHD is very successful at weighing hydraulically. It is also very easy to retrofit. Most of VEI's customers use the communications between the VEI system and the main office, who dispatch 'what to do' commands back to the LHD. VEI installs these kind of applications, where the weighing system becomes an active black box connected to the main dispatching unit.


VEI has RADIO LINK (RF) available with PC management software. The PC and the VEI weighing device can talk to each other by sending weighing data or sending commands such as alphabetical lines to instruct 'what to do'. This is a handy tool which has acquired the recognition of companies which include mobile loading equipment with factory automation. We recommend this RADIO LINK device with its powerful edge of handling data, together with the management and dispatching of in-house software.


Quarry and mining
Quarry and mining
Quarry and mining

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