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Our wide range of continuous weighing scales are designed for belt conveyors from 400 mm to over 2.40 m wide bulk particle sizes, up to 500 mm at a speed from 0.3 to over 5 m/s, allowing to calculate flow rates reaching 12 000 t/h and more.


In addition, our weight belts and weigh belt conveyors meet your specific applications such as automatic loading, food processes or tight circuits for powder-based products.

Trade for use is possible as per OIML R50 using the I 410 BS indicator.


The operating accuracy for a weighing scale is +/- 0.25 % of the flow, depending on the weighing infrastructure chosen, technical constraints of the installation and different conditions of use.

Upon your request, we can also offer a special paint, Stainless steel 304 L / 316 L, hot galvanization, tailor-made scales, EX, adjustable stations, machined rollers…

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