Weighbridge - Driver control station

BI 410 and BI WIN weighing terminals

The self-service weighing terminal allows to carry out the weighing without any constraints of time and without any operator. It guarantees the traceability of weighing operations automatically.


Our weighing terminals are equipped with a man-machine interface (alphanumeric keyboard dynamic function keys, backlit graphical screen), badge reader, printer, intercommunication system... BI 410 and Bi win weighing terminals can be connected to a PC equipped with a BRISWEIGH software program or to your computer system via the Ethernet network.


We propose to study the best options to optimize your traffic and weighing management.

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Self-service weighing terminal BI 410

The BI 410 terminal has been jointly designed as a weighing instrument, a peripheral for drivers’ use and a traffic management tool.

Entirely monitored by a remote PC via its Ethernet link, it ensures the traceability of weighing operations regardless of time limits and of the presence of an operator.

Created as a product in its own right, it takes into account all the requirements applicable to a tool designed for continuous operation in severe use conditions:

• Simple and safe to use,
• Resistant to environmental disturbances,
• Offering easy access to various equipments (maintenance and replacement of consumables).

The BI 410 terminal is available with standard applications designed by PRECIA MOLEN:

– Stand-alone version (embedded PC board),

– Slave version that can be monitored via TCP/IP socket, open protocol with simulation kit to develop.


Touch Screen Driver Terminal BI WIN

The BI WIN is a modern weighbridge Touch Screen Driver Terminal which forms part of a weighing management system. It has an integral “fanless” industrial PC running under Windows XP®.
It enables weighing operations to be carried out without the need for an operator and features automatic identification and printing systems.
The BI WIN Touch Screen Driver Terminal has a robust design to provide reliable operation in the harshest of environments. It can operate stand alone or as part of a multi-console networked system.

  • Easy and safe to use

  • Fully protected against climatic conditions

  • Easy access to internal components (maintenance and consumable replacement).

The BIWIN driver console is available with standard applications developed by Precia-Molen:

  • Stand alone version,

  • Slave version connected to a TCP/IP network running under Microsoft Framework.net.

It can also be used for specific customer applications, which can include:
A multilingual interface, an onboard client / server SQL base, an FTP server for file transfers, a connection for remote maintenance/support.

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