Laboratory balances

Micro and Ultra Micro Balances - Precision Balances

Laboratory scales from 0.0001 g to 1g

Our range of industrial laboratory scales combines ease of use, robustness and high performance. (from 0.0001g to 1g).

Our range of moisture analyzers offers perfect control of temperature, as well as a quick analysis of the moisture content.

Portable laboratory scales are easy to use for all applications including input control, preparation used in the formulation… and for many professions, jewellers, dental practitioners, chemists…

They have a touch-screen keypad, a stainless steel platform and a liquid crystal display screen.

Our range of analytical balances is easy to use for many applications. It has a USB or RS 232 serial link to enable to maintain the traceability of all your measurements.





Portable scales – BJ range

BJ range portable scales  – For all kinds of applications, such as Incoming goods inspection, formulation preparation, jewellery, dentures, chemistry, etc.

Ease of use.
The accuracy of a laboratory scale.
RS 232 link as standard.


  • Weighing.

  • Parts counting.

  • Percentage weighing.

  • Unit switching.

  • Statistics.

  • GLP.

  • Animal weighing.

  • Net weight accumulation.

  • Totalising.

  • Date/time.

Laboratory scales – LX range

The Laboratory scales – LX range offers exceptional functionality, ergonomics and elegance. It is easy to use and has excellent display readability.

Scales are also very easy to clean. The LX scales are available with built-in functions such as auto calibration and adjustment.


  • Parts counting

  • Percentage

  • Animal weighing

  • Tolerance check +/-

  • Unit conversion

  • Statistics

  • Totalising

  • Density

Laboratory scales – LS Range

The LS Range of laboratory scales offers exceptional functionality, ergonimics and elegance, is easy to use and has excellent display readability.

In addition, its electromagnetic compensation load cell enables it to achieve remarkable accuracies while providing extreme durability and long life.
The LS scales also have built-in functions and an optional auto calibration function.

Industrial laboratory scales – IBK range

The 490 IBK range of industrial laboratory scales offer advanced performance at reasonable cost.

These precision scales provide Class II fine precision for all capacities in the range from 12,000 to 34,000 g. An additional feature of these scales is the SCS auto calibration system.
The scales feature a large stainless steel platform offering protection against dust and liquid ingress, making the 490 IBK range suitable for industrial environments and intensive use. The RS232 serial link allows connection to a wide range of peripheral devices via a PC including printer, scanner, remote display, etc.

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