Robust precision weigh modules and load cells with all globally required approvals and standards.

Double ended shear beam load cell DSL - From 5 to 100 t


The DSL load cell is manufactured in stainless steel and is hermetically sealed to IP 68.
The characteristics of the double-ended shear beam load cell, together with its “Silo Load Mount” mounting arrangement, ensure it is not influenced by the lateral forces associated with vessels with agitators.
The load mount allows thermal expansion and includes an anti-lifting device.
The mount also features a locking device that enables it to be installed without the load cell fitted eliminating the risk of mechanical or electrical damage to the load cell during vessel installation.


Weighing of silos, hoppers and vessels of medium and high capacity.
Especially suitable to weigh vessels that are agitated or subject to major thermal forces.

Tension load cell TVN – From 50 to 5000 kg

Range of use

Suspended hoppers for non-trade use only.


The TVN load cell is composed of a nickel-plated steel body and is fully sealed by welded dishes. The TVN load cell is leak tight (according to IP 67) and compact.


The principle used by the TVN load cell is measuring the deformation of a beam to which a shear force is applied. It uses strain gauges installed as a Wheatstone bridge to convert the force into an electrical signal.


It is available in 7 capacities, namely: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1 000, 2 000 and 5 000 kg.

Bending beam load cells BBL – From 10 to 500 kg

The Bending Beam Load (BBL) cell is composed of a proof body and stainless steel bellows.
The welding of the bellows to the proof body provides a hermetic seal giving an IP 68 protection.
Its accuracy class C3 approval allows the BBL load cell to be used in an industrial environment where high levels of accuracy are required.

  • Weighing of small and medium capacity hoppers and vessels.

  • Refurbishment of scales and mechanical weighbridges.

Compression load cell TSL – From 5 to 30 t


Weighing of hoppers, tanks and small and medium capacity silos, for non-trade use only.


The TSL load cell consists of a stainless steel body (according to IP 68). It is available in 4 capacities: 5, 10, 15, 30 t.
Its small size and ease of installation make it ideal for all industrial weighing applications.
It is available with a mounting kit for weighing silos, hoppers or tanks. This kit is made of stainless steel and it includes an anti-lifting device, a strip preventing lateral forces, and screw stands to simplify installation.


The TSL load cell is a low profile compression load cell made of welded hermetically sealed stainless steel.
Precision up to ± 0.05%. Spherical load button for optimum alignment of the load.
Allowable forces on the kit:

  • The maximum static horizontal force along the centre line of the locking strip (1) is 8 kN.

  • The maximum vertical tear off force is 20 kN for the 15 t kit and 35 kN for the 30 t kit.

EX Option

Ex version for use in gazous or dusty explosible zone according to new directive 94/09/CE.

  • EEx II 2 D T80°C IP68.

  • EEx ia IIC T6 II 1GD.

Shear beam load cell CMI – from 500 to 5000 kg

General information

The CMI load cell consists of a stainless steel body and is hermetically sealed by laser welded stainless steel cups. It has been designed for use in industrial environments with an aggressive atmosphere, such as the chemical industry. CMI load cells have a test certificate for 3 000 d. Meeting the IP 68 standard, CMI load cells are compact and available in four capacities: 500, 1 000, 2 000 and 5 000 kg.
Special mounting parts to adapt the load cell to its mechanical environment are available as an option.


The working principle of the CMI load cell is to measure the deformation of a beam subjected to shear stress. The strain gauges are arranged to form a Wheatstone bridge, converting the mechanical force exerted on the load cell into an electrical signal.


Test certificate issued by a notified body in accordance with OIML recommendation R60.

Ex Options

Ex version for use in explosive zone according to new directive 94/09/CE
CE EEx ia IIC T6
CE type certificate Nr : LCIE 02 ATEX 6083 X

Compression load cell CSPM - From 10 to 100 t

The standard stainless steel low profile construction is hermetically sealed, which makes this load cell ideally suited for use in the harshest industrial environments. The load cells are designed to determine compressive loads.
Typical applications for CSP-M load cells include weighbridges, platform scales, hopper weighers, crane weighers, aircraft weighing systems and conversions of conventional lever system scales.
The CSP-M load cell is a compressive type cell, utilizing strain gauges for conversion load into output signal. Four columns, equally spaced on the base plate are utilized to support and measure the applied load. The four column design gives this load cell its unique characteristics to non-centric loading and its low profile.

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