Loss in weight systems

Loss in weight systems - dosing


Loss In Weight Feeders are regarded as the most accurate of all continuous weighing devices. These systems have particular application where precision and accuracy is essential.


Loss In Weight Feeders are used to deliver precise control for:

  • Low materials throughputs

  • Blending

  • Managing the feed rate of minor additives


The principle of loss in weight feeding is to control the feed of material into or out of a Loss In Weight hopper. For optimum operation, the hopper must be sized to contain sufficient material to avoid variation in product flow when the low level is reached. The hopper capacity also defines the minimum flow rate that can be achieved from the Loss In Weight system


Lost in weigh

The LIW is an extractor-feed including a cylindrical-conical shaped reception hopper with 3 gussets for attachment of cells for an accuracy from +/- 0.5 to 1 %.

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