Mining Trucks

Payload Systems for Mining Trucks


The Features

  • Displays of loaded weights with audible and visual signals on load completion.

  • Outside load condition Lights or Large scoreboard display, one each side of the Mine Truck shows the Loader or Shovel the progressive loaded weights at 50%, 80% and 100% of the Mine Trucks maximum load allowed in transit.

  • Automatic memorisation of weight per load transported, time at start and finish of loading cycle.

  • Control 20 plus different loading sites in memory.

  • Automatic volume conversion.

  • Programming of maximum load weight capacity of the mine truck in transit.

  • Serial port for connection to real time communication devices for data transfer

  • Data logger output with management software.

  • Internal diagnostic routine.

  • Optional Feature: Independent axle weights can be displayed on Dumpers​


Your Key to Safety & Productivity

Production control, safety and monitoring are key issues in the construction and mining sectors. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that Mine Trucks are loaded to maximum safe working capacity. The Sherpa Dumper Load system represents the ideal solution for many mining and quarrying operations around the world. The system is versatile and fully automatic, a convenient means for monitoring the daily work program carried out by each Mine Truck and for providing useful output and resource control data. With the Sherpa Dumper Load, the truck is not loaded by guess work, but using an optimised procedure monitored by an intelligent load-sensing system. The Mine Truck can be operated in full compliance of the markers specifications. As with all VEI products, this system has been engineered directly on location, in the tough working environment of the Mine Truck, this is to ensure the accuracy and performance guarantee which VEI is renowned for.

Technical Characteristics

Power Supply10÷30 VDC

Working temperature-20 to 50°C / -4°F to 122°F

Protection classIP65

Resolution10, 20, 50, 100, 500 kgs

Serial PortRS232C

Sensors working temperature-20 to 50°C / -4°F to 176°F

DisplayLCD 4 x 21 backlit


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