The pharmaceutical industry is focused on reducing costs to remain competitive. Weighing plays a huge role in pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers must use the correct type of equipment to improve quality and production. In pharmaceutical settings, accurate weighment is critical. From bench scales and precision balances to floor scales, Brisweigh can provide all weighing solutions for pharmaceutical industry. Our weighing equipment helps the pharmaceutical manufacturing by increasing productivity whilst still ensuring the highest level of safety, hygiene and trade compliance standards. All of our scales are highly accurate, reliable and built to stand up to tough pharmaceutical industry environments. Our equipment is safe and certified by the NMI.

R&D and quality



Laboratory scales.png

- Analysis of samples for acceptance

- Quality control on production sample

Laboratory scales

Statistical quality control.png

- Regulatory check of a product batch

Statistical Quality Control

Calibration weights.png

- To check and calibrate weighing equipment

Calibration weights


- Auto-fill on line


Table scales.png

- Bulk acceptance of products


Bag Filling.png

- To fill free flowing products precisely

Bag filling

Liquid filling.png

- To fill all Liquids and semi-solids precisely

Liquid filling

Silo weighing.png

- To measure solutions ensuring maximum accuracy

Silo weighing


- To weigh and carry pallets

Forklift scale


- Management of truck coming and leaving

- To avoid overload


Ground platform.png

- To control weight after production

Ground platforms

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Scale calibration

Installation weighbridge

Technical support weighing

Scale repair

After sales service

After-hours servicing

Breakdown services

Scale service & scale testing

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