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Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Brisweigh provides an exensive range of weighing equipment for the agricultural industry. We provide cost effective solutions which include weighing equipment for feed trucks and cattle crushes. We carry replacement load cells and weigh bars to suit most feed trucks and delivery wagons.

Model 5500 Agrifeed with GPS: Feed Delivery On Target with GPS and GSESituation: Walco Technologies wanted to maximize eficiency when feeding cattle in feed Yards. Their objective was to have the appropriate amount of feed delivered evenly into each feed bunk and in only a single pass. Walco Technologies already utilizes GSE for their feed truck indicatars as an integral part of their feed management system. Because GSE indicators are recognized for their flexibility and programmability, they approached GSE to help them reach their objective.

Solution: GSE integrated GPS (global positioning system) with a Model 5500 Agrifeed Indicator.  Now during the normal operation of feeding cattle in a feed yard, the 5500 Agrifeed utilizes GPS signals so that an operator can easily compare how much feed has been dispensed to distance traveled. This allows the driver to adjust the feed delivey rate so that feed is delivered evenly along the bunk in a single pass which saves time and results in evenly fed cattle.

Equipment: GSE Model 5500 Agrifeed, a standard GPS receiver, and Walcos proprietary feed management software comprise the system

Results: By accomplishing their objective to maximize efficiency, Walco Technologies' customer was able to reduce feed delivery time and increase efficiency.

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