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Belt scale for boom conveyor


Precia Molen designed a special belt scale for boom conveyor for Stacking and Reclaiming

product to and from Pellets stock pile with a slope working range of + 13°to -11°. The inclinometer

is integrated into the scale Transmitter which can be fixed on both scale or conveyor frame. It

measures the actual working slope of the boom conveyor and delivers a continuous 4-20 mA signal used by the Transmitter to adjust, in live, the weight measurement of the scale with regard to the Cosine value of the angle.


The system is consisting of multi idler weighing frame (TAB Series) supported on 4 Nos. load cells,

belt scale transmitter built-in with inclinometer, Proximity sensor for speed measurement and high performance belt scale indicator.

Generally all the boom conveyors are designed for higher belt width > 1000mm, higher flow rate

(3000 tph) and speed of the conveyor is above 3 m/s.


The accuracy of such belt scale shall be = +/-1.0 to 2.0%

INDUSTRY SERVED : Metals & Minerals, Power and Material handling suppliers

REFERENCES : SAIL, Archelor Mittal, Sanvik Asia, Metso

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