Belt scale for sugar industries in QLD


The objective of installing a belt scale on Baggasse conveyors is to measure the quantity & Monitor the Baggasse flow for

- Incoming Mill Bagasse.

- Bagasse flow to Bagasse Yard after the Boiler consumption.

- Bagasse from Bagasse Yard for Boiler consumption.


The system is consisting of

- VBelt scale model TWIN with single idler station supported on dual load cells.

- Non Contact Proximity sensor for measurement of belt speed

- High Performance Belt scale indicator to display the flow rate, Belt speed, Totalizer.

The system can be offered for higher belt width of maximum 2000 mm is available for belt width

from belt width of 1000 mm to maximum 2000 mm 1200 mm belt width having 45 Deg trough

angle and 1.1 m/s belt speed and to measure the flow rate of 200 t/h capacity.

INDUSTRY SERVED : Sugar & Sugar Packaging Suppliers

REFERENCES : ICS Senegal, WNSC Sudan, Indian Cane sugar, Banari Amman, ISGEC,

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