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Check weighing system


Check Weighing System is used to cross check the weight of Pre-packed product / carton boxes

containing packed products before it goes to commercial market. It is an ideal machine being used in many process & Packaging industries


- VFD Controlled Weigh; In-feed and Out-feed Conveyors with Object Sensors.

- Pneumatically operated Object stopper on In-feed conveyor and

- Rejecter on Out-feed Conveyor.

- I400 Intelligent Graphic terminal loaded with Check Weighing Software.


Boxes are fed through the In-feed conveyor. Stopper cylinders provided on the in-feed will hold

and release the boxes for few seconds to maintain uniform gap between the boxes. When the

box comes on the weighing conveyor System will check the weight, If the Weight of the Box is

within the tolerance, system will allow the box to move further. If the Weight of the Box is Outof

tolerance, system will allow the Box to out-feed conveyor and will be rejected by Pusher. The

operation continues till the system is stopped.


MS / SS Construction, Roller / Belt Conveyor, Different type of Rejection systems

INDUSTRY SERVED : Breviaries, Edible Oil


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