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Updated: Aug 27, 2018

The key to productivity

Production control and monitoring are key issues in the construction and mining job sites. How is site work estimated if the transported loads are not weighed? The trucks wear off as dictated by the weights transported: tires, transmission body, motor. Therefore it is quite important to know beforehand the cost per ton transported.

That's why it is very important to consider having a VEI Payload Management System mounted an board. You can classify the customer for which you're doing the job or even the dumping or loading areas where the ADT's working to exactly record your work. At the end at the day or shift the driver hands the data to a central office where the ADT job is imported into the management software for later analysis and or invoicing.

Weighing Concepts

Two weighing concepts can be applied to the ADTs. For a maximum error of 3%, only the body lifting pressure force is sensed during the lifting cycle. Only B applies and not D. For a maximum error at 1% the body lifting pressure force and the rear hinge pin force are sensed during the lifting cycle. B and D both apply.

Weighing Concepts

The Dumper Load system, represents the ideal solution for large mining and quarrying concerns across the world: versatile and fully automatic, a convenient means both of monitoring the daily work program carried out by each dumper truck and of providing useful output and resource control data. With Dumper Load, the truck is not loaded by guesswork, but using an optimized procedure monitored by an intelligent load-sensing system, so that the vehicle can be operated in full compliance with the makers specifications. As with all VEI products, this system has been engineered directly on location, in the tough working environment of the dumper truck, so as to ensure best possible functional attributes, strength, ease-of-use, unwavering accuracy and performance over time.

The features

-Display of loaded weight with audible and visual signal on completion of load

-Outside load condition lights unit, one each dumper side, allows to point out to the loading shovel the dumper loading conditionas at 50%, 80% and 100% of dumper's maximum load allowed in transit

-Automatic memorization of weight per load transported, time at competion of load and code of machine from which the dumper was loaded

-Control of 20 different loading sites

-Automatic weight-to-volume conversion

-One pressure sensor is installed on each suspension to supply real time pressure readings to the onboard computing unit

-Programming of maximum load weight allowed in transit

-Sequential weight printout for all loads completed, including time end ot loading and loaded from each shovel

-Serial port for connecting real time radio communication devices

-Internal diagnosis routine

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