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Updated: Aug 27, 2018

The key to productivity

Production control and monitoring are key issues in the construction and mining industry. Additionally, it is also essential to ensure that any lifted and transported loads are correctly and legally, where necessary, weighed, because a major cost factor on any site is the wear and tare on vehicles - tyres, transmission, body, motor etc., as well as the safety factor of overloading.

A VEI Payload Management System is an essential requirement to help you achieve this successfully. The VEI Excavator system has been specifically designed to give the operator peace of mind, while enduring that the weighed products are accurately managed.

Weighing concepts

Excavators have as many as three moving arms in which they move through an "arc". The weight is registered in motion, as the bucket travels through this predetermined "arc". During the calibration and setup procedure, the measurement of the arms forming the "arc" are automatically adjusted by the indicator so that an accurate weight is registered, time after time. An inclinomator is located on the boom arm - which compensates for movement of the boom or "dipper". When load is placed in the bucket, it is then accurately weighed by measuring the hydraulic pressure required to raise the load. A high specification pressure transducer measures this pressure. The output is converted to an electronic signal and displayed in a weight format on the selected VEI indicator. An accuracy of +/- 3% of the lifting capacity is typically achieved. B and D both apply.

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