Force calibration of cement, asphalt and RAP weighing equipment

With many years of weighing calibration experience, PRECIA MOLEN can offer a wide choice of methods, but for the calibration of cement, asphalt and recycled asphalt planning (RAP) weighing equipment, our preferred and well proven method is “force calibration”. This allows a traceable calibration to be performed quickly, non-invasively and often without taking the hopper or silo out of service.

The process approved is covered by our ISO9001 quality system. Small hydraulic jacks located on specially mounted reference load cells are sued to apply a load to the hopper or silo.

Three our four reference load cells (pre-calibrated, certified and traceable to national standards) and their associated hydraulic jacks are positioned between a solid structure and the silo, as close to the silo’s load cells as possible, to give the optimum result. The jacks are operated and the readings given by the reference load cells and the silo load cells are compared at fixed points throughout the weighing range.

Force calibration can be adapted to either “push up” or “push down” to suit the silo and the site operations. Both portable and flexible the equipment allows a wide range of silo capacities to be calibrated by selecting the reference load cell capacities. Test rigs are available for silo capacities from 2,000kg up to 160,000kg.


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