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Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Helper P5, the leading product for onboard weighing on grapple has universally proven itself to be the most developed system on the market today. Ease of use, weighing speed, constant reliability and data-management power are the characteristics that have made the Helper P5 the standard for onboard weighing on today's grapple. By being equipped with this powerful work tool, your grapple can achieve its maximum productivity. How? When you load and unload vehicles without knowing the exact weight, even if there is a weighbridge at the exit of the site, the vehicles do not return to unload the excess material if they are overloaded. When the load is optimized you reduce the cost per km or mile.

The Helper P5 is an investment that pays for itself in just a few months. Once installed on your grapple, you can load knowing the exact weight, thus eliminating any discussions with your customers about the accuracy of the load.

Technology at your fingertips

The power of the Helper P5 is available with the optional Memory Card, which allows you to transfer the load data from your grapple to your computer. For better comfort in the cabin, VEI's Compact iTech (compact technology) incorporates the Memory Card Reader into the Helper P5. The Helper P5 Memory Card eliminates time lost while manually organising tickets and data: Simply insert the Memory Card in the slot provided on the Helper P5 and your production data will be stored in this credit card-sized memory.

Have you ever thought of your grapple as a small office on tour wheels? With the Helper P5, it is now possible, giving you more time to concentrate on production.

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