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Hook Lifter on board weighing

Reliable and accurate solution

With the increasing costs of fuel it becomes crucial knowing the weight of the transported


Hook lifter is a typical application where containers have to be weighed on the spot when picked up or each time the container is loaded with the use of the mounted crane.

VEI gives a simple and easy to install solution which takes just a little body work.


Load the container on to the truck as usual, ‘till it seats onto the frame.


Before locking the container, lift it by the weighing pads pistons; 10mm lift is enoough,

taking care of not hitting the container’s loading hook. The weighing pads pistons

have been designed to secure container’s locks stay at rest and therefore truck doesn’t

move with the containers not sitting on the frame.

The weight can be stored on the indicator located in the cabin.

N’ Drive

After weighing, lower the container, lock it and drive away.

Advantages: the frame doesn’t have to be modified because the load pads are

bolted on top the frame.

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