Hopper scale for free flowing material in Adelaide


Hopper scale is designed for the automatic weighing of dry free flowing granulose products

such as seeds, cereals, animal feeds, sugar, in a circuit (process) . The equipment can be installed

at a point during loading, unloading, silo transfer and other transfer. Together with I410 ABS instrumentation, the hopper scales acts as a discontinuous totalizer with non-constant batch weighing.


The hopper scale will be consisting of a weigh hopper with discharge and sector gate valve at

the inlet gravity feed section. The weigh hopper is supported on 3 Nos stain gauge load cells to

avoid tie rods balancing. The weighing cycle is managed by the I410 high end controller which is

programmed to control the each gate through electro pneumatic components. The unit is easy to install and maintain due to its simple and robust design.


- Ideal for free flowing products like seeds, cereals, sugar, animal feeds… etc

- Robust & reliable system

- Capacity from 5 t/h to 1500 t/h

- Good Accuracy

- Easy to maintain

- High end Controller to display the flow rate and cumulative total

- Programmable for Batch/continuous weighing application.

- Built-in memory for storing the data’s.

- Available in Safe & Zone 22 area

- Connectivity to DCS / PLC

INDUSTRY SERVED : Seeds & Grains, Edible Oil, Distilleries, Sugar

REFERENCES : Adani, Shree Gluco, Khandelia Oil Mills , Vintage distilleries, ISGEC

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