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Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Weighing on Wheel Loaders

The Millennium is the simplest and the most appreciated product on the market today. It is the ideal tool for preventing overloads. Even if there is a weigh bridge at the exit of the quarry or material site, the vehicles do not return to unload the excess of material if they are overloaded. Imagine your wheel loader will he transformed overnight into a portable scale. Here are four major advantages that your company should consider:

1.Know the exact quantity of material you are selling.

2.Optimize your vehicle loads and prevent highway violations.

3.Speed up the loading process.

4.Know the exact production of each wheel loader.

Those who have already installed one of our VEI products on their equipment can't do without it! The operators now work more rationally and the customers are impressed with the speed with which their orders are filled. You wish to optimize your company's customer service and productivity management?

The Millennium: an investment that pays for itself in just a few months.

The Data Logger

Technology at your fingertips. The Data Logger, designed to be an economical and convenient solution, has

proven itself to be an excellent product. It is simple to manage and operate - exactly what your customers are looking for.

The Data Logger transfers the data of loads executed, from the Millennium to your computer. The transfer speed is high and management of the data can be performed with standard products such as Excel, Lotus, or Access which are already installed on the computer.

The Data Logger is also used simply to know the production of each loading machine directly on the computer thus being able to evaluate the cost of the machine in relation to its production.

In some cases, this is important to optimize the costs linked to the choice of loading machine in relation to the production to be carried out.

The Data Logger, a credit card-sized memory; is easy to use. Simply connect it to the Millennium and at the end of the shift, press a key and all the production data is transferred into it. The data in the Data Logger is then transferred into your computer using the TdataVEI software and made available to be handled using Microsoft Excel or Access, or any other database. Imagine that you are moving material internally or destined for sale; at the end of the shift you want to know your production by product (for example, to analyze the state of your warehouse inventory): with the Data Logger, it is now possible.

Installation is simple and accurate

Weighing in motion. The Millennium's components are simple and so is its use, the machine downtime is therefore reduced during installation and system diagnostics. Very simple, the system consists of only 4 components, eliminating the need for any additional junctions or power supply boxes. Our systems are perfectly installed by specialized technicians, trained at our VEI centre. Within a few hours, your wheel loader becomes a portable weighing machine. Wheel loader manufacturers worldwide appreciate our know-how and our easy and careful installations. VEI, your ideal partner for complementary value to your wheel loader.


The VEI software compensates for the difference of pressure created in the lifting pistons, at different speed, and likewise during movements on rough grounds. In this manner, the target weight is reached with the wheel loader completely in motion and the lifting arm is free to move during the unloading process. The weighing precision has been confirmed by type-approval from numerous Measurement Agencies.

Know the weight when unloading

Reaching the targeted weight can he difficult for a wheel loader operator, especially if the specific weight of the product changes with environmental conditions. The problem always occurs when loading the last bucket, which must bring the total weight loaded as close as possible to that required. With this function called Tip Off, the Millennium instantly displays the quantity being unloaded from the bucket, if exceeding your target load. When the required total is reached, immediately roll back the bucket and the weight of your load is optimized.

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