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Nauta mixer weighing system in Melbourne


Precia Molen installed and commissioned load cell based weighing systems to automate Nauta Mixer for batching multi ingredients very accurately. The sequence also included controlling various motors, rotary valves with interlocks. As the load cells are mounted directly on Nauta Mixers and the materials are batched from day tanks directly which is resulting in cost saving on investment on day tank weighments.


Load cells along with Mounting assembly are installed on 3 Nos. Weigh Hoppers namely Raw material weigh hopper, Nauta Feed Hopper and Nauta Mixer. The load cells signals are integrated with 3 Nos. High performance Programmable batch controller with individual transmitter which is built-in with DI/DO contacts. The controller is programmed to carry out the sequence of operation as per clients requirements. The Raw material hopper is programmed to batch 2 ingredients. Upon readiness, the materials are transferred to Feed hopper. When the Nauta Mixer btachis requested , the feed hopper and fine materials are charged to complete the batch. After each batch completion, batch report will be generated. Special batching application is developed by Precia Molen India to address the project.


REFERENCES : Johnson Matthey, Clariant


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