New comprehensive site management system to improve KPI’s and productivity!

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

A brand new weighing and traffic management system is offering a flexible and innovative on-site weighing & load management solution for better efficiency and productivity.

Achieving controlled and orderly traffic within a site, optimising order handling & delivery tracking and automating the loading of trucks with a system fully integrated into the operation of an existing management system is key to the efficiency and productivity of many Australian companies. Precia Molen Australia is offering a weighing and loading management system helping to move materials delivered and collected by road and rail from a large variety of sites. Many companies around the world are now benefiting from Precia Molen market-leading PCS Software based solution: fully integrated with existing systems, this solution offers reliability and creates a stable and expandable platform supporting user’s objective to improve the weighing interface between their systems, the traffic management of their sites, their KPI and ultimately their profitability.

The new system can bring entire vehicle unloading operation - including contract validation, sampling, laboratory testing, weighing and discharge - on multiple Precia Molen weighbridges under the control of a single PC network. Fast and flexible, the new system provides members with easy access to their data through the web portal, and is maintaining products traceability.


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