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Silo weighing system in Sydney


Precia Molen India has installed & commissioned many high capacity silo weighing systems to many petrochemical industries. The projects are decided based on our proven tract record evaluated by their engineering consultants. The capacities of silos are varying from 80 to 8000 MT and located in Hazardous area.


Double ended shear beam and compression type Load cells with special mounting assembly are installed below the lug/leg supports of silos. The no. of supports provided are from varying from 4 to 8 nos. based on the size & capacity of siloSpecial mounting assembly which integrates the load cells and silo supports are provided with built-in with constrainers and anti-lift off protection to arrest the horizontal & uplift movements. The project site falls under Seismic Zone5 due to which, external loads were considered before choosing the capacity of the Load cells.

The load cell signals are integrated with high performance digital weight indicator with communication output for integration with DCS system.

INDUSTRY SERVED : Petrochemicals

REFERENCES : Reliance Industries, IOCL, Brahmaputra Crackers


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