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Small bag filling system for free flowing products in Melbourne


The Bag Filling machine is designed to fill free flowing & Powder products like cereals, seeds, sugar, Powder products.. etc in various process industries.


Automatic filling and control of weights with accuracy, reduces manual intervention to correct the weight, Increased Throughput, Good Accuracy & Consistency, reduces Product give away and helps for return on investment.


The system consists of Feed control gate / Screw feeders / RAL feeders, Weighing Hopper,

Discharge Hopper with Bag Clamping unit, Filling Controller to operate in course, Fine & Super fine feed control, Bag Transfer conveyor and Stitching / Sealing machines. The System is designed to fill 10 kg to 100 kg capacity Bags.


Upon startup Filling to the Weigh hopper will take place automatically in Coarse, Fine and Super

Fine mode. Once the target weight is achieved, system will check the Bag availability in Bag

clamping unit. If the Bag is clamped, product will be dropped and next Filling will take place

automatically. Filled Bags are dropped on conveyor and are moved to Stitching / Sealing machine.

Transfer Conveyors, Bag Tilter and Bag Flattener can also be supplied along with the machine.

INDUSTRY SERVED : Seeds & Grains, Cattle Field, Chemicals, FMCG

REFERENCES : Adani, KSEL , Thirumalai Chemicals, Wipro, Vismita, Ankita, Shiva Pharmachem, LG Polymers, Globus spirits, PrajIndustries, East India Corporation

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