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Tin filling system with automatic LID dropping & pressing mechanism in Sydney


Fully Automatic Tin Filling System is ideally designed for Filling and control of any Liquids and Semi solids. Its fully automatic functions of Transferring Empty Tins, Filling, Lid Placing, Lid pressing and Transferring Filled Tins etc… doesn’t need an operator to monitor / handle.

BENEFITS Easy to operate, machine used for filling 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 Lit Containers having Narrow mouth, Fully Automatic, Reduces Manpower, Increased Throughput, Good Accuracy & Consistency, reduces Product give away and helps for return on investment.


The system consists of Empty Tin Transfer conveyor, Weighing Conveyor, Filling Machine, Out-feed conveyor, Lid Dosing System, Lid Pressing system with Transfer conveyor, Filling Lance with Teflon Foot valve to operate the machine in course, Fine & Super fine feed control, Filling controller and Pneumatic components etc... The System is designed to handle 1 kg to 5 Kg Containers.


Empty tins transferred through in-feed conveyor, tins are picked up one by one on the weighing, Taring of tins and Filling takes place with coarse, Fine and Super Fine mode, Filled tins are transferred to out-feed, Lid dropper will drop the lid and moves the tin further, Lid pressing mechanism will press the Lid and Transfers the Filled Tin for collection.

INDUSTRY SERVED : Inks, Paints and Chemical


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