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Trolley based can / mini drum filling system in Perth


Trolley based Filling System is ideally designed for Semi-automatic Filling and control of any Liquids and Semi solids. It is easy to move the machine within the production area for filling product from various process / storage tanks.


Easy to move, Common machine used for filling various products, as it is moveable reduces the Piping requirement at plant, Semi-Automatic, Reduces Manpower, Increased Throughput, Good Accuracy & Consistency, reduces Product give away and helps for return on investment.


The system consists of 1no. Weighing platforms connected to Filling Controller, 1 no. Filling Lance with Teflon Foot valve, machine operates in course, Fine & Super fine feed control, 1 no. of 3 Position Ball Valve for Input monitoring, Pneumatic components and accessories. The System is designed for 20 kg and is used for filling 0.5 kg to 20 kg tins / containers. The filling output shall be 4 to 5 tins/minute for 5 kg and 2 to 3 tins / minute for 15 kg capacities.


Containers are placed on Weighing Platform. On Start-up, Empty weight will be tared and system starts in Coarse, fine and super fine mode. Filled containers will be removed manually to place the next container.

INDUSTRY SERVED : Paint Industries, Inks & Dyes

REFERENCES : ToyoInks, Asian Paints, Asian PPG, Huntsman

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