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As a weighbridge is a long-term investment and an important part of your productivity and as it is submitted to intensive use, it is required to choose a quality and robust product.

Metal or concrete platform?

- Most PRECIA-MOLEN weighbridges are built with precast concrete slabs or heaped on site according to models. This offers numerous advantages:

- A concrete platform is much heavier than a metal platform. Shocks occurring when vehicles brake are softened due to the weight of the slab.

- Maintenance costs are reduced, a steel construction requiring sand blasting and paint every 5 to 10 years according to the conditions of use.

- A weighbridge of concrete slab is much quieter when vehicles use it, which can be an important criterion when the weighbridge is situated near offices.

- Metal weighbridges are reserved for uses requiring frequent transfers for which it is nice to have light parts at one’s disposal.

Which dimensions?

A 8-to-10-m-long weighbridge is enough for the weighing of dump trucks for household waste collection and farm trailers for grape harvests. All semi-trailers can be weighed on a 14-metre weighbridge whereas an 18-metre weighbridge will be chosen for tractor-trailer weighing. According to your needs, PRECIA-MOLEN offers weighbridges of very great length or of a specific width (e.g. loading station, dumper scale).

In-pit or above-ground installation?

The type of installation, in put or above ground, depends on the site. An in-pit weighbridge fits more easily into the environment and requires a less large footprint. It is often an ideal solution when the weighbridge is situated in a yard. An above-ground weighbridge will be more accessible for cleaning operations, which is pleasant in difficult environment like quarries.

This type of installation requires a large floor surface to fit access ramps out. Light civil engineering work is more economical as regards global investment.

Which capacity and accuracy?

The weighbridges of small dimensions (8 to 10 m) usually have a 30-tonne or 35-tonne capacity with a 10-kg graduation. For other dimensions, the standard is a 50-tonne capacity with a 20-kg graduation. Our weighbridges can be supplied with 2 measuring ranges which is very interesting for the weighing of small vehicles. (e.g. 10-kg graduation up to 30 tonnes then 20-kg graduation up to 60 tonnes or 50-kg graduation up to 150 tonnes). The capacity of our special weighbridges up to 400 tonnes.

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