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How many times your work is stopped because your load weight is not known and security is at risk, especially in a recycling job where working movements are limited.

With grapple weighing you can now weigh your lifted loads and see the results in the machine cabin. With grapple weighing you can distinguish the different materials you are loading or moving around in your stock center, plan your supplies and know the sale trend all the year around.

The grapple weighing is an investment that pays off in a little time and it is supported from VEI know-how in on board weighing and a specialized aftersale team force.


The load sensing device is enclosed in a robust metal construction to assure protection against stamping of the grapple. The load sensing device, called GR2 is manufactured upon your specifications to perfectly fit your machine and existing grapple; the site installation of it results then easy and fast.

Particular attention is made in the choice of the materials and in the manufacturing precision which are vital factors for good weighing results.

In harsh job conditions like recycling, foundry, harbour, the load sensing device GR2 resists to every condition.

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