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Weighing on tractor in QLD

One tool of prime importance When coupling a front lifting arms to a tractor, it becomes very handy to be able to know the weight of the lifted goods when working in the open field or in the farm itself.

Storing bales, loading cereals, loading trailers up to the nominal capacity before going in

the road are all operations that requires to know the weight of the lifted load and having

this information onboard gives the benefit of saving time and fuel in those cases where a

platform scale is far away.

Working on the lifting pressure principle VEI weighing system is very easy to install and

robust because the lifting equipment is not mechanically modified for weighing.

A quick disconnect plug makes handy and fast unplugging the sensors placed on the

lifting arms from the rest of the tractor when the lifting arms are taken off.

Inventory and sales can be managed with Vei Onboard weighing which gives to this

working tool a prime importance in your daily work.

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