The 7 ELEM weighbridge is an above-ground electronic weighbridge which is available in two versions:

  • Type: TP For assembly in a simple foundation,
  • Type: AS For assembly on a concrete foundation.

The modular design of the 7 ELEM weighbridge enables it to meet all installation and operational requirements:

  • Fast and simple assembly;
  • Easy access to key components (load cells, junction box, ...);
  • Supplied with digital load cells (ASL 30 t) or analogue load cells (SCL 35t);
  • Centre fully** removable deck plates (strength 3t/m²);
  • Access ramps,** length 2.5 m.

The 7 ELEM weighbridge is compatible with many other products in the PRECIA MOLEN range:

  • Weight indicators and terminals designed for weighbridge applications.
  • Weighing management software providing integration into your computer system.
  • BI400 / BIWIN driver consoles.

In addition, PRECIA MOLEN offers a comprehensive range of standard software applications (dosing, entry/exit, concrete batching plant, etc.) or specific applications to your requirements.

7ELEM - Portable weighbridge


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