The automatic bulk scale ABS-X is designed for process weighing of dry granular free-flowing products, such as cereals.
Together with an I 400 ABS controller it performs the function of a discontinuous totaliser.
It is easy to install and maintain due to its simple and robust design, low build-in height and cross section.


The scale housing is fixed to the floor or support structure; it supports and encloses both feed and weigh hoppers.
- A gravity feed hopper fitted with feed gate*.
- A weigh hopper, mounted on load cells fitted with a discharge gate.
The weighing cycle is controlled by the I 400 ABS system which operates the gates by means of electro-pneumatic valves.

Discontinuous Totaliser
Bulk weighing of products during loading, unloading, silo transfer, transhipment phases, etc.

ABS X: Hopper scale - Batching scale

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