The C85 HSDS is a high-resistance low-profile above-ground weighbridge, fitted with a single-block concrete platform, that is designed to meet several or non-standard application requirements.
It is highly robust and adapts to major dimensions.
With a low-profile slab, its height remains low, which limits access ramp lengths. Moreover, stringers very efficiently act as dissuasive and non deformable wheel guides.
The C85 HSDS is particularly adapted to 50t to 100t capacities and specific lengths.


The metal framework is made up of IPE 500-type lateral beams, 2 end spacers and numerous intermediary spacers.
The whole set can be either machine-welded and delivered in one piece in France entirely assembled in factory, or machine-bolted to be assembled on site, to facilitate transport by container.
Casting is made onto a polyane film. The iron framework (slab truss) is entirely supplied by PRECIA MOLEN.


  • Capacity: 50 t to 100t,
  • Division: 20 kg to 50 kg,
  • Height: 350 mm (of which 90 mm of ground clearance).


Example of implementation
The quantity of concrete to cast depends on the size of the platform.
For an 18m x 3 m weighbridge, approximately 15 m3 of concrete dosed at 370 kg per m3 are required.

CDL digital load cells
The weighbridge is fitted with stainless steel CDL compression digital load cells that are located laterally on IPE beams and that can be accessed without any disassembly.


Characteristics of load cells

  • 30t nominal unit capacity (Emax),
  • 150% Emax limit load,
  • 300% Emax breakage load,
  • IP 68 waterproofness (waterproof in prolonged immersion),
  • Digital technology in PM Net network with weight indicator,
  • Approved for a regulated use with CE test certificate according to the R60 OIML recommendation.

C85 HSDS - Weighbridge


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