General presentation
This infrastructure composed of a fully weighed screw is connected to the frame through two articulations placed along the feed centreline, and at the opposite end is spported on a strain gauge cell.


The infrastructure is composed of :
- A frame made of sections supporting and fixing the assembly.
- A fully weighed screw :
  • Straight turns, progressive pitch at the feed, and double pitch at the exit,
  • One inlet and one outlet fitted with a flexible sleeve.
- A constant speed geared motor unit with coupling, installed at the end of the control shaft. This assembly
is supported on a stool fixed to the rear side plate.
- A speed sensor composed of a proximity detector installed on the second end of the control motor.
- An articulation system placed at each end of the screew and located along the feel centreline.
- A support device for transmission of the force to a strain gauge cell.
- A calibration device for placement of test weights, for simulation of the load during calibration.
- A tare counterweight (depending on the need).
- A blocking device for transport.
- Two emergency stop buttons.
- Made of painted or hot galvanised steel.

- These instruments fulfil the same functions as the integrating belt scales.
- All applications in dusty environments with powder products.
- These instruments have a limited flow of 130 m3/h, and function in "immediate processing" rather than in


- Used to handle and weigh slightly dusty powder products in a sealed closed circuit.
- The arrangement of the geared motor unit at the back of the conveyor can compensate for part of the tare.

Precision: 2 to 3%.

VP: Fully weighed screw conveyor

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