The VS 600 CS is a high-resistance kit weighbridge to mount on site, with a concrete platform that has been designed to meet severe application requirements.
The highly robust VS 600 CS is available with two capacities: 60 t and 80 t and two lengths 16 m and 18* m.

The metal framework is made up of 6 side stringers, 2 end spacers and 2 central spacers to screw. It comes with bars designed for reinforcement. The whole set, directly mounted onto a Polyane film put onto the civil works, makes the casing perfectly adapted to concrete pouring.
The quantity of concrete to pour depends on the size of the bridge. For a 17.80 m weighbridge, approximately 13 m3 of concrete dosed at 320 kg/m3 are required.


  • Capacity: 60 t or 80t,
  • Scale division: 20 kg at 50 kg,
  • Height: 360 mm (of which 100 mm on ground).


Putting the VS 600 CS into service requires several phases.

  • Preliminary phase:

Creating the above ground civil works by a mason according to the weighbridge model with reservations for embedding of load cell environments, end walls, blinding concrete and ramps.

  • Mounting phase:

Unloading the weighbridge and placing it onto civil works.
Setting up load cell environments with dummy load cells.

  • Embedding and concrete phase:

Embedding load cell environments by the mason and concrete pouring.

  • Putting into service phase:

Setting up load cells, cabling and connections, passage of standard truck for adjustments and regulatory checks.

VS600 - Weighbridge


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