The WBF weigh belt feeder allows ensuring the continuous bulk product dosing.
This dosing infrastructure ensures the joint extraction and weighing of any gravity flowing product through a feeding hopper provided.
The WBF has been specially designed for use in the cement, steel, mineral, fertilizer production, agri-industry and other activity sectors using dosing, single or double regulation dosing.
This doser is equipped with a continuous weighing scale integrated in the conveyor and a belt speed measuring device. These measurements are used to calculate the flow rate with an accuracy from +/- 0.25 % to +/- 1.0 % depending on the application and product behaviour.
The standard model ranges extend from 1 t/h to 2000 t/h.
This WBF doser can be used to provide with constant or variable set point single product dosing, or a multi-product dosing with a global set point and proportions.

The WBF belt feeder is used in the continuous dosing process for free flowing dry granular products at fixed or variable speed as well as limestone, gypsum, clay, clinker, various ores, coal, coke, pellets, additives of various kinds, etc.
It can be associated with other dosers of various types to make a recipe. In this case the doser can be controlled by a proportional value of the global line flow rate target.


WBF - Weigh Belt Feeder

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