Field of use
Platforms can be connected to a single indicator to produce portable vehicle weighing systems (Low profile weighing platforms).
Possibility of using four platforms per indicator in the standard installation (extention to 8 platform as option).
The WWS-B version is particularly suitable for weighing light vehicles.
The robust aluminium structure of WWS modules makes them lightweight but useable also under difficult working conditions.


  • Special configuration with several platforms.
  • Do not weight tanker trucks, due to the unstable sloshing behavior of liquids that reduces stability and weighing precision.

Notes :
• Weighing platforms must be placed on a plane and level surface. The level difference between wheels or axles shall be less than 0,5 degrees.
• The ground must be hard and its bearing capacity shall be at least 100 kg/cm².


General presentation
DFWKR indicator with battery, carry case and thermal printer.

  • LCD display with six 25 mm high digits.
  • Indicator with 17-key keyboard :

    • Zero,
    • Identifiers ID1 and ID2 (10 digits),
    • Printout (numerous possibilities),
    • Display the weight for each platform and the total per axle,
    • On/Off.

  • Display and print the weight of each axle and the total weight with multiple combinations (wheel, axle, sub-total, tare weight, ...).
  • Thermal printer (speed 50 mm/s; Paper width : 58 mm) :

     • Company name on 4 lines,
     • Weighing No., ticket No., Date/time.

  • Configurable infrared remote control :

     • Distance : up to 8 m.

  • 12 V DC power supply with 230 V AC 50 Hz mains adaptor and rechargeable internal battery (approximate endurance 10 hours, requires 8 hours charging).
  • Case dimensions : 460 x 325 x 170 mm; Weight : about 5 kg.

WWS - Axles pads


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