he XKV / XKP Volumetric / weight-based belt extractor consists of:
• A feed panel with a material layer height adjustment device and a material presence probe. It is extended by the product guide edge. The PEHD shields ensure tightness between the edges and the belt. The feed panel and the edges are made with a relief angle along the longitudinal and lateral axes eliminating any jamming at the belt level.

• A set of wear-resistant sheet metal (special CREUSABRO ™ steel, 6 mm).

• A belt extractor, in hot galvanized steel, with braced frame consisting of:
-A smooth rubber belt, totally vulcanized, with abrasionresistant coating. The belt characteristics are modified according to the nature of the materials to be extracted.

-An accessory kit for quick belt replacement from the side of the equipment.

-A train of carrying rollers.

-A return roller.

-Two guide rollers.

-A rounded control drum, dual chevron rubber-coated, with shaft mounted on ball bearings.

-A rounded return drum, with idling hub.

-A belt tightening screw device,

-An external scraping device placed on the external belt strand at the head drum level.

-An internal scraping device placed on the belt return strand, ahead of the foot drum.

-A geared motor unit consisting of an asynchronous motor (IP 55 – Class F) coupled to a hollow shaft gearbox. This unit is “floating”mounted at the end of the control shaft.

-A set of safety devices: Side protections between the rollers – removing inner corners while leaving the belt visible, foot drum covering – perforated to maintain visibility, belt lower surface under mesh covering the return drum as well.

-Four support legs for transport and handling.
• Discharge chute

XKP / XKV: Weigh belt feeder

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