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Whether the requirement is to weigh a small additives hopper, a chemical reactor or a super-large storage silo, there are made-to-measure solutions ensuring maximum accuracy and control available from Precia Molen.

Precia Molen offer a comprehensive set of products that are designed for industrial Vessel and Silo Weighing applications and can range from those involving small process reactor vessels up to high capacity (>200 tonne) storage silos.

Accurate silo and vessel weighing is essential for activities including stock control, batching & mixing (recipe formulation) and bulk out-loading.

Our loadcells and fittings are designed for use in all environments including the food, pharma and dairy sectors with stainless steel construction and ingress protection available.


Vessel Weighing assemblies can also be manufactured in stainless steel and are designed to be extremely easy to install. For example, some are designed so that the assembly can be fixed in place before the loadcell is fitted and have unique self-correcting and levelling load plates to prevent angular and vertical misalignment. So whatever the size or shape of tank, hopper or vessel, whether it’s 100kg or 500 tonnes Precia Molen will have the perfect solution.

Our range of hazardous area (ATEX or IECEX) load cells and instrumentation complete this comprehensive product offering.

We also offer a wide range of complementary weight indicators, touch control recipe formulation and batching terminals & software for vessel weighing applications.


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