Weigh Belt Conveyor

Weigh Belt conveyor - Weigh Belt Feeder


Weigh Belt Conveyors provide continuous weighing with better accuracy than a belt weigher. This is due to the generally slower belt speed. These weighers provide the advantage of requiring only minimal headroom and length.



The model of belt conveyor BT comprises an entirely weighed belt conveyor connected to a supporting frame by two pivot points situated along the axis of the product supply line, with one pivot point mounted on 1 or 2 load cells.

The model BT is used where the installation of a belt scale is not feasible, e.g. where the total conveyor length is less than 6 metres.


Weigh belt feeder

The WBF is a gravimetric belt feeder with a metal sheet welded frame offering an accuracy from +/- 0.25 to 1 % according to the application.


Fully-weighed belt conveyor

The BT is a fully-weighed belt conveyor with an accuracy from +/- 0.25, 0.50 or 1 % according to the model.


Weigh belt feeder

The MD is a conveyor with a belt width < 1000 mm, fitted with a weighing roller for an accuracy from +/- 0.5 to 1 %.


Volumetric belt extractor

The XKV is a volumetric belt extractor, in hot galvanized steel with an accuracy from +/- 1 to 3 % depending on the flow characteristics of the product to be extracted.

The XKP is a gravimetric belt extractor in hot galvanized steel including a weighing framework to ensure the weigh-based function. The accuracy is from +/- 0,5 to 1 %.

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