PRECIA-MOLEN puts at your disposal a know-how based on more than 50 years of experience in installing tens of thousands of weighbridges throughout the world.


From the design to the manufacture in our manufacturing plants, from the platform to the heart of the system, the load cell and the weighing softwares for your business, to the self -service weighing terminals, PRECIA-MOLEN offers a comprehensive range of solutions for truck, lorry, wagon and road-rail weighing.


From portable to WEIGHBRIDGE WITH CONCRETE SLAB POURED ON SITE, – METAL MODULAR WEIGHBRIDGE, weighbridge made of precast concrete, special weighbridges (up to 400t), rail and rail road weighbridges,…


PRECIA-MOLEN can meet specific needs for loading stations requiring large-dimension or large-capacity weighbridges (e.g. dumper weighing. Automatic barriers, side guides, video and photo cameras, traffic lights and remote displays can complete your installation.

Our products



Contrete deck / Steel weighbridge

The C85 HSDS is a high-resistance low-profile above-ground weighbridge, fitted with a single-block concrete platform, that is designed to meet several or non-standard application requirements. It is highly robust and adapts to major dimensions. With a low-profile slab, its height remains low, which limits access ramp lengths. Moreover, stringers very efficiently act as dissuasive and non deformable wheel guides.
The C85 HSDS is particularly adapted to 50t to 100t capacities and specific lengths.


The metal framework is made up of IPE 500-type lateral beams, 2 end spacers and numerous intermediary spacers. The whole set can be either machine-welded and delivered in one piece in France entirely assembled in factory, or machine-bolted to be assembled on site, to facilitate transport by container. Casting is made onto a polyane film. The iron framework (slab truss) is entirely supplied by PRECIA MOLEN.


  • Capacity: 50 t to 100t

  • Division: 20 kg to 50 kg,

  • Height: 350 mm (of which 90 mm of ground clearance).


Portative weighbridge

Two above-ground models: • 7 ELEM AS: semi-permanent, to be sealed on concrete foundation piers, • 7 ELEM TP: to be put on simplified platform or on strong road system. The design of 7 ELEM weighbridges gives perfect accessibility to the load cells and makes cleaning and maintenance operations easier due to the removable central platform plates. 7 ELEM reduces civil engineering costs at the maximum. Being very low (31.5 cm for AS model, 32.5 cm TP model), it enables to use very short access ramps. • Movable on only one lorry. • Easy and quick mounting. • Options: metal header for 7 ELEM AS, metal access ramps for 7 ELEM TP.

Wheels Weighscale WWS

Portable vehicle weighing systems

Platforms can be connected to a single indicator to produce portable vehicle weighing systems (low profile weighing platforms).

Possibility of using four platforms per indicator in the standard installation (extention to 8 platforms as option).

The WWS-B version is particularly suitable for weighing light vehicles.

The robust aluminium structure of WWS modules makes them lightweight but useable also under difficult working conditions.

Truck dumpers – VS-T / EVS-T

Truck dumper weighbridge

Meant for unloading bulk commodities, truck dumpers have become extremely popular and useful. Large quantities of bulk commodities can be unloaded rapidly and reliable as for example at grain terminals and silo installations.
For users and processors of large quantities of bulk material the truck dumper is an ideal choice. A greater efficiency can be achieved when combining two functions, unloading and weighing,
saving space, labour costs and a lower investment. Our truck dumpers and truck dumper weighbridge are designed to fulfill the requirements for fast, efficient and above all reliable unloading of a wide variety of road vehicles. They have been installed for numerous applications worldwide.

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