Precia-Molen offers more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of tens of thousands of weighbridges throughout the world.

From design to manufacture of the platform and frame, to the load cell, software, and weighing terminal, Precia-Molen offers a comprehensive range of solutions for truck, wagon and road-rail weighing solutions. 

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AW Series Weighbridge Range

This modular type of weighbridge is available in any deck length, from

4.5m up to 10m per module.

Capacity: 30t to 100t

Australian Standard Compliance

The whole assembly complies with the NMI

(National Measurement Institute of Australia)


Load Cells

The load cell is the heart of your weighbridge. Our load cells are made of stainless steel and perfectly meet very difficult running conditions on weighbridges while their small dimensions allow for streamline design.

Analogue or digital technology?

SCL analogue load cells: analogue strain gauge load cells have commonly been used on electronic weighbridges for many years. This traditional technology has proven its worth in terms of performance and reliability.

CDL digital load cell: get to new functionalities with digital technology. Information
is secured from any external interference (overvoltage, lightning, etc.) and a selfdiagnosis device warns you in the event of an error, therefore guaranteeing reliable weighing each time. Its fieldbus architecture enables your installation to be extremely flexible, the connection of weight slave displays to any point of the network being possible.

AJB/DJB junction boxes in IP68 stainless steel: enables connecting 4 to 8 load cell per box.

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Instrumentation: A Range of High Performance Terminals



To weigh product inputs and outputs on a weighbridge, the i35 indicator along with its simple, user-friendly and efficient application software can meet any need for entirely autonomous weighing.  Coming with a label printer (optional), it is also able to communicate with PCS and weight remote displays through multiple outputs.

The i35 controls two weighbridge traffic lights. The i35 includes a clever locking system as standard that prevents the weighbridge from being used outside working hours.



The I410 terminal is an efficient and comprehensive weighing data management tool for weighbridges. Empowered with a graphical screen the I410 is easy to navigate through its many useful features.

-  5 configurable files

-  Weighing Diary saving

-  Cross totaling on two files from date to date

-  Light management

-  File and weighing data downloading on PC


BI 410

Peripheral Equipment

*Together with BI WIN weighing terminals

The self-service weighing terminal allows weighing without an operator or time constraints and guarantees automatic tracking of weighing operations. Our weighing terminals are equipped with a man-machine interface (alphanumeric keyboard, dynamic functions keys, backlit graphical screen), badge reader, printer and intercommunication system.

BI 410 and BI WIN weighing terminals can be connected to a PC equipped with Precia-Molen  software or to your computer system via the Ethernet network.

Our highly trained staff can discuss the best options to optimise your traffic and weighing equipment.

Unmanned Weighbridge



Numerous accessories such as Automatic barriers, guardrails, video and photo cameras, traffic lights and other decelerators, are available to complement your weighing system.

Each weighbridge comes with one 3-metre walkway with steps and rails and is compliant with Australian Standards

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A Most Innovating Weighing Management Software

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TRUCKFLOW: a complete and modular software offer

From a basic solution to a sophisticated architecture, it can meet all vehicle weighing needs on weighbridges.

Drive by our know-how and experience of industrial weighing applications installed all over the world, we can offer professional solutions as software modules for various industries: environmental protection, gas, extraction, etc.

-  Multi-operator software with user preference storage

-  Multilingual software, selection of the language at every user's connection or during use

-  Date to date report edition with 1 to 3 level criteria, exportable in CSV or Excel Formats

-  You can customise your screen by choosing your presentation logo

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Technical Data: Minimal configuration required:-

-Windows 7 SP1 operating system (32 / 64 bits)  -128 Memory Graphic Board -10 GB Disk Space (Ideally SSD) -Network Board -x86/64-2.4Ghz processor -RAM 4 GB (Ideally 8GB) -21' 1920x1080 resolution screen