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Self-service weighbridge - unattended weighbridge


PRECIA MOLEN has developed a user-friendly and efficient weighing management software application to facilitate the daily operator’s work with intuitive weigh data entries.
This application offers input/output management by a differentiation of material reception/sending.


Managing the road traffic around the weighbridge often requires installing barriers and two-colour traffic lights. TRUCKFLOW offers electronic monitoring of this equipment, thus avoiding the use of heavy and limiting manual operating panels. TRUCKFLOW also offers a photo making and storing function, prior to and after weighing.


The power of Truckflow


  • Multi-operator software with user preference storage,

  • Access rights with various functions according to the level connection configured by your site administrator,

  • Simple weighing, dual weighing, tared weighing, load weighing, unload weighing, weighing for national police force uses.

  • When weighing, all information can be entered on any of the site stations (multi-station application).

  • The information to enter depends on the type of activity (reception/sending) and the type of weighing (input/output) according to the site administrator’s configuration that is freely modifiable,

  • Weight coherence check prior to the validation of the weigh.

  • Selection of weighbridge for weight entry according to its typology (input or output) and vehicle presence on weighbridge function.


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