A comprehensive range of solutions

BRISWEIGH puts at your disposal a know-how based on more than 50 years of experience in installing tens of thousands of weighbridges throughout the world.


From the design to the manufacture in our manufacturing plants, from the platform to the heart of the system, the load cell and the weighing softwares for your business, to the self -service weighing terminals, BRISWEIGH offers a comprehensive range of solutions for truck, lorry, wagon and road-rail weighing.


From portable to WEIGHBRIDGE WITH CONCRETE SLAB POURED ON SITE, – METAL MODULAR WEIGHBRIDGE, weighbridge made of precast concrete, special weighbridges (up to 400t), rail and rail road weighbridges,…


BRISWEIGH can meet specific needs for loading stations requiring large-dimension or large-capacity weighbridges (e.g. dumper weighing. Automatic barriers, side guides, video and photo cameras, traffic lights and remote displays can complete your installation.

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That meets the specific requirements of your line of business and the constraints of your environment.

Load cell


The load cell is the heart of your weighbridge. Our load cells, whose design and manufacture we master, are made of stainless steel and perfectly meet very difficult running conditions on weighbridges.
The small dimensions of our load cells allow to design weighbridges of small height.


Analogue or digital technology?
SCL analogue load cells: analogue strain gauge load cells have commonly
been used on electronic weighbridges for many years. This traditional
technology has proven its worth in terms of performance and reliability.


CDL digital load cell: get to new functionalities with digital technology.
Information is secured from any external interference (overvoltage, lightning,
etc.) and a self-diagnosis device warns you in the event of an error, therefore
guaranteeing reliable weighing each time. Its fieldbus architecture enables your
installation to be extremely flexible, the connection of weight slave displays to
any point of the network being possible.


AJB/DJB junction boxes in IP67 stainless steel: enables connecting 4 to 8 load cell per box.

Load cells are also available in Ex version for the weighbridges
installed in potentially explosive zones.



A prominent interface between the measurement unit and the management
system, the i30 indicator offers multiple connections with the industrial PCs on
the market and weight remote displays, in compliance with trade use aspects.
Thanks to its power level, it can supply up to 18 analogue or digital
PRECIA MOLEN load cells, and thus manage high-length weighbridges.


To weigh product inputs and outputs on weighbridge, the i35 indicator along
with its simple, user-friendly and efficient application software can meet any
need for entirely autonomous weighing. Coming with a label printer
(sold separately), it is also able to communicate with PCs and weight remote
displays through multiple connections.
Economical and innovative, it monitors two weighbridge input/output traffic
lights locally. It is moreover equipped with a cunning blocking system that
prevents the weighbridge from being used outside working hours.


I 410
The I 410 terminal is an efficient and comprehensive weighing data
management tool for weighbridges. Endowed with a graphical screen,
it offers great ease of use and performances yet unknown at such
• 5 configurable files,
• weighing diary saving,
• cross totalling on two files from date to date,
• automatic vehicle loading,
• light management,
• file and weighing data downloading on PC.

Weight remote displays


D 20 - proximity read

• 25 mm high digits
• 7-colour configurable backlighting
• D 20 IP69 K model


D 570 - long distance read
• 57 mm high digits
• High productivity red LED displays that are very readable
• Adapted to outdoor use
• Multi-protocol. It can be connected to PRECIA MOLEN or other
brands’ indicators.

Driver control station


BI 410 and BI WIN weighing terminals
The self-service weighing terminal allows to carry out the weighing without any constraints of time and without any operator. It guarantees the traceability of weighing operations automatically.

Our weighing terminals are equipped with a man-machine interface (alphanumeric keyboard dynamic function keys, backlit graphical screen), badge reader, printer, intercommunication system...
BI 410 and Bi win weighing terminals can be connected to a PC equipped with a PRECIA-MOLEN software program or to your computer system via the Ethernet network.
We propose to study the best options to optimize your traffic and weighing management.

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