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Brisweigh puts at your disposal a know-how based on more than 40 years of experience in installing tens of thousands of weighbridges throughout the world.

From the design to the manufacture in our Privas (France) manufacturing plants, from the platform to the heart of the system, the load cell and software, to the weighing terminal, Brisweigh offers a comprehensive range of solutions for lorry, wagon and road-railweighing.

Our export managers and our engineers make use of their skills to advice and help you to define and set your plans up. The person you will speak to will be able to inform you on the type of installation, in pit or above ground, on where to install your weighbridge on your site, on the choice of the electronic equipment or system of weighing management, as complex as your needs may be.

Brisweigh grants technical assistance from the moment plans are delivered to the moment the weighbridge is put into service.

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