Front Load Waste Trucks

Weighing on front load waste trucks



Millennium is the innovative solution in Waste Bin collection on Front Lift waste trucks. It has brought to the market an easy and fast alternative to complex, costly and unreliable existing applications. Millennium is a reliable solution already proven for mining, quarrying, waste, material handling, and underground applications, where vibrations and shocks are off limits. With this unique weighing system, your collections and cross checking are under control without any hassle. This is because Millennium allows you to complete the cycle without the loss of time and, most importantly, the net weight in the bin is the actual weight loaded in the truck. How is this? How many times have you had the problem of entering bin sizes or fixed tares which don't match the bin specifications? or had the waste trapped in the bin and not unloaded? All of this is solved when Millennium weighs the GROSS weight at the lifting cycle, and the TARE weight on the down cycle, resulting in the real net weight being unloaded in the compactor.


Standard Features

  • 20 Programmable Product Codes

  • R5232 Output: 

  1. for partial or total weight 

  2. transmission to an external modem or data collection device

  • Smart Calibration Function.​


Data Logger

  • Transfers data in a PC.

  • Very easy to use.

  • Does not require permanent connection.

  • Dump data at end of collection/shift. Compatable in importing to any existing billing software, or ask our Design Team to create your own personalised software.​



After the weighing cycle is completed, this compact but fast printer gives you a printout of the net weight dumped together with the company name, time and date and truck ID. This is a valuable tool you can use to cross reference loaded weights and the type of waste collected.


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